The breed


Luna and Duna

This breed has a friendly, balanced and enjoyable character. The animals are playful and affectionate and have a great adaptability. But they are only difficult to resist; If you would like a German Rex, then it is recommended to take care of a playmate. Nevertheless, they can be dominant in dealing with other cats. Like-minded playmates deserve to be preferred. They have a soft and melodic voice.


The German Rex is a muscular cat, without being massive or floppy. The body is medium long and in all respects rounder and more squat of construction than the the elegant Cornish Rex. The German Rex has a proportion of fine legs of medium length, with oval feet. The tail is of medium length, powerful at the starter and gradually runs out into a point.


The German Rex has a round head with firm cheeks and a sturdy chin. The nasal bridge has a slight notch. The round eyes are average in size. The ears are large and they have rounded points.

Source: The Big cat encyclopedia-Esther Verhoef

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