The Cattery

Dalila-April 2017

The German Rex is a small and rare breed that needs breeders to ensure survival. When our desire to breed with German Rex ourself with so much enthusiasm was applauded by Inge Winter (Cattery Basari) We decided to wait patiently for our first breeding suitable kitten.

Our first German Rex cat was Jikke, and our luck with her. She is sweet, playful, affectionate and has a beautiful soft coat. Soon after came Foppe and he will become the father of future litters. The character of Foppe and his parents is fantastic: he is a lot on the lap, is focused on people and social.

Frederik and Mark

We, Mark Koese and Frederik Furnée, have grown up at home with cats and kittens. Just after we learned to know each other, we got from a friend 2 young cats: The sisters Spic and Spot, which he could not take care of because of circumstances.

All cats live in our house. We offer the cats all the space they need. We have ample time to give our cats all the care and love.

With the arrival of Mika (Cornish Rex) In 2013, our predilection for the Rex was born and we began to deepen ourselves in the different curly races. Then we started looking for a German Rex cat and so we came into contact with Inge Winter.

Cattery Irusan is registered with Mundikat-NL under Number: M16-1870.

Training and courses:

Cat behavior (Course at Tinley Academy)-February 2017

Tinley-24 February 2017

Kittens-well-being by knowledge (course at KGA)-March 2017

KGA-11th March 2017