Kitten Policy

Before the breeder decides to breed a litter, a number of things are taken into consideration:

  • Only cats that can be presumed to be unable to inherit serious diseases and defects but have a fine character are included in the breeding program. If the parent animals do not meet the requirements, they will not be bred.
  • We adhere to the rules applicable to Mundikat.
  • We try to act on the Regulations (FWF-10-tips-poster) of Feline Welfare Foundation (
  • A cat must be in good health, and she is covered by a healthy hangover.
  • The female cats get no more than 3 litters in the 2 year period, and no more than 2 in 1 year.

If the purchase of a kitten is considered we will discuss the following topics with the buyer:

Selwyn and Sain-June 15, 2018
  • For the healthy kittens, a good home is searched for, in a safe environment, with sufficient freedom of movement and where they can only go outside in a marketed environment.
  • A cat is a social animal and therefore we want the buyer to have other cats in the house, or buy 2 kittens, so that the kitten never has to be alone!
  • The buyer is informed about the breed, the breeding program, possible health problems and about the care.
  • The price of a German Rex kitten is “not known yet”.
  • A deposit of 15% of the purchase price is required for the final reservation of a kitten in order to partially cover the costs.
  • From this moment on, the purchase is final, and the advance amount is only refunded in the case of serious defects, or in the death of the kitten.
  • If the purchase is final, and the kitten is less than nine weeks old, the new owner can choose a name for the kitten himself. This name is published on the pedigree papers.
  • After the transfer it is important, especially in the first time, that the buyer keeps in touch with us. Should there be any problems in terms of health or anything else, we will always be ready to assist, with advice or to help.
  • We ask the new owner to let the kitten castrate/sterilise as quickly as possible. If the buyer wants to breed with the kitten, this must be discussed in advance.

The kitten will only go to the new owner if it:

  • At least 16 weeks old.
  • Was found to be healthy by the vet.
  • It is completely grafted against cat-and sneeze disease.

The buyer will get the following items together with the kitten:

  • The pedigree papers and transfer of ownership of Mundikat. (Sometimes the pedigree papers are not yet available for different reasons, these A.S.A.P. .)
  • The Union booklet with a health certificate.
  • Extensive information about the care and environment of the kitten.
  • The purchase contract, read and signed by both parties.
  • And a kitten package.

We reserve the right to refuse a purchase without giving any reason.

If the buyer wants to breed with a German Rex kitten, this must be discussed in advance and there will be another policy than described above.

Gijs and Teun – 15 June 2018