The Fur

The curled or ruffled soft coat of the German Rex (source: Cattery Basari)

The coat is soft, silky in structure and can be curled or corrugated. Hard guard hairs are missing from this breed.

The German Rex can be bred in all possible colours, patterns and combinations.

Occasionally, sometimes long-haired German Rex cats are born, which is a logical consequence of the crossing of Persians in the German Rex file. However, these are not acknowledged.

Because the fur of the German Rex is the same as that of the Cornish Rex, the fur care is similar. The fur of the German Rex is hardly necessary for maintenance. Regular stroking is usually sufficient to keep the fur in good condition. For the exhibition, the German Rex is usually washed and just before the animal appears at the judge, the fur is coated with a damp rag, so the fur curls nicely again.

Source: The Big cat encyclopedia – Esther Verhoef

Artie – January 2019